Traditional Spanish Tortilla


3 medium onions 

3 litres chicken or vegetable stock

2 large waxy potatoes, roughly 700g 

A small bunch of asparagus 

5 eggs 

Large knob of butter 

Olive oil 


1. Slice your onions as shown in the video, start cooking on a low heat with your butter and olive oil. Season generously. 

2. Next, bring your stock up to the boil, meanwhile, slice the potatoes. Cook the potatoes for 10/15 minutes or until they're soft but hold their shape. Strain and set aside. 

3. Remove the woody base of the asparagus stems and lightly blanch them for about 5 minutes until they're al dense. 

4. Once the onions are sweet and soft, mix in a large bowl with the potato, asparagus and 5 eggs. Add a pinch of salt. 

5. Put a non-stick frying pan on a high heat and add the egg mixture, flatten with a spatula. Keep your eye on it at this stage as it can burn quite easily. Check the colour using the method shown in my video. Then turn down to low.

5. Once there are some bubbles on top and the sides are cooked slightly. Cover the pan with a plate, with a tea towel in both hands, flip the tortilla over confidently. Be careful not to burn your wrists. 

6. Give the pan a wipe and transfer the tortilla (uncooked side down) into the pan. Coof for a few minutes, beginning on high and ending on low. 

7. Flip the tortilla out of the pan and onto a plate. Leave to cool for about 20 minutes or until room temperature. 

8. Slice and serve!