Corn Chowder with Chilli and Lime

Zingy, spicy and full of flavour.


A cool summer soup.

Raspberry Crumble Tart

As easy as they come.

Fennel, Orange and Parsley Salad

Wonderfully refreshing.

Pork Cappelletti in Brown Butter Sauce

Totally delicious.


Versatile and delicious.

Chicken Marbella

Sweet, salty and perfect for a dinner party.

Burnt Basque Cheesecake

Creamy, gooey heaven!

Hollandaise Sauce

The perfect accompaniment.


Savoury saltiness with a shatteringly satisfying crunch.

Béchamel Sauce 

A must-have recipe.

Homemade Marshmallows 

Fluffy and light little pillows.

Slow Cooked Beef Short Rib

Meltingly tender and full of flavour. 

Bakewell Tart 

A traditional dessert from Derbyshire.

Elderflower Cordial

Floral and refreshing.

Keralan Fish Curry

Aromatic and delicate.

Asian Quinoa Salad

Fresh, zing and easy.

Argentine Beef Empanadas

Glossy, meaty and the ultimate convenience food. 

Warm Bean Salad

Healthy, tasty and easy. Lunch of champions. 

Chocolate Hazelnut Cake 

Super moist, super chocolatey and perfect for a celebration. 

Parmigiana Melanzane 

Crunchy, cheesy and just so unctuous! 

Spanish Style Pea and Jamon Soup

Fresh, smooth and salty with a bit of crunch.

Traditional Spanish Tortilla

Golden brown, slightly soft and gooey in the centre. 

Ultimate BLT

An indulgent sandwich with some delicious homemade extras.

Lamb Steaks with Pomegranate Salad and Chermoula 

A North African style dish with zingy flavour and colours that pop.


A time-tested recipe. So easy, so delicious and a great one to make ahead.

Hot Cross Buns

Classic Easter fare. Enjoy toasted with butter and a cup of tea.