When it comes to blending curated culinary art with farm-to-table cuisine, none are more equipped to tackle the challenge than Rivergrass Head Chef Alexandra Bentham. Growing up in London, Alexandra has always been engrossed by food and the processes involved.

After attending the prestigious Ballymaloe Cookery School in September 2013, she went on to finish with their certificate in Food and Wine.  It was idyllic, inspiring and truly perfect fit that solidified Alexandra's journey as a chef. Classes at Rivergrass show how she uses her unique background in the culinary arts to take a polished approach to rustic fare.


'A cheery, fun and informative class that took us on a culinary journey through the Mediterranean. It doesn't matter if you think your cooking is a disaster, Alexandra is a master guide who'll get you through whatever storm you're cooking up.'

Michael, Student

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'A masterclass in cooking! Fun, insightful and delicious food. I learnt how to make impressive dishes from the best!'

Brian, Student